React Web Development

Prototype and share a React site from your browser.
With the Next Tech Sandbox, you can launch a boilerplate React development environment in just a few seconds! Have a look at one here:
The React sandbox comes with both npm and yarn installed so you can use your favorite package manager.
Want to use a Node module in your project that doesn’t come preinstalled? No problem! The terminal gives you full access to the underlying Linux computer, so you can install Node modules the same way you would if you were working on your machine.
You can also install and use global Node modules as well. Just make sure to add the install commands to the startup script since any changes made outside the default ~/workspace directory won’t be autosaved. The startup script can be found by clicking the environment ⚙️ icon on the left in the lab.
Here’s a screenshot of a React sandbox inspired by Create React App:
You can create an unlimited number of sandboxes, each storing up to 50MB of files. Any files you create in a sandbox are automatically backed up for you. You can upload any files you’re already working on and then download your files at any time to continue working outside the sandbox or add to your portfolio.