Use a sandbox to quickly launch a programming environment for your homework.
Programming assignments are a lot easier with the Next Sandbox! With Sandbox, you can boot up an environment for just about any programming language in 2 seconds and write programs in a friendly environment. Plus, you get full terminal access (yep, even sudo privileges!) for the underlying Linux machine.
Read on to see some of the key benefits of using Sandbox for your homework assignments!

Work on Any Computer

Since your work is autosaved in the cloud, you can get started on your assignment in your classroom’s computer lab and finish it in the library. No more having to do you homework on a specific lab computer, or in a lab that has the software you need installed. Just log in and pickup where you left off!

Install Any Necessary Software

You are given full access to a Linux environment for your sandbox. Use apt to install whatever packages you need, or language-specific tools like pip3 install Python packages. The sandbox is completely yours, what you do with it is up to you!

Your Files are Autosaved

With a sandbox you no longer have to worry about losing your work because your USB drive got corrupted, lost, or stepped on. You can rest assured knowing your work is autosaved and accessible from anywhere!

Download Your Files

You can download you files at any time when using a sandbox. Complete your assignment using a sandbox, then download it to turn it in.

Getting Started

Want to see all the sandboxes Next Tech has to offer? Click here for the full list, or launch sandboxes for some of the most popular programming languages by clicking a link below:
To see a Python sandbox with a startup script that installs a pip3 package, launch the sandbox below!